Interview on the set of “Love and War”

Collin Joseph Neal is a Seattle-based editor/filmmaker/video guy. He produces a cool series of short interviews on local artists called “The Locals”. He came to visit us on set and managed to make me stand still long enough to answer his questions.

Fundraising for “Love and War”

The above link is our new Kickstarter page. It’s also currently the only place you can see the trailer. Click the link, check out the video, skim the page, and if you are so moved, donate a little money to the completion of this film.

Kickstarter lets us offer rewards, NPR-style. You can pre-order copies of the DVD and Blu-Ray, or get props and costumes that were used in the film itself. At the higher end of the rewards are producer credits that will get you listed in the IMDB.

“Love and War” stills – days 3 and 4

Some stills from the third and fourth days of shooting.

“Love and War” stills – days 1 and 2

Here are some stills pulled from the footage from days 1 and 2 of shooting.

“Love and War” production photos

“Love and War” – trench digging [updated with more pictures]

“Love and War” speakeasy location

Our speakeasy scenes will be shot on location at Bathtub Gin & Co. in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

It has a great old-fashioned, underground-yet-classy ambiance. It’ll work perfectly for the film and is also a great place to get a drink. Pictures below: