How To Get Your Movie Into SIFF

I was browsing the Seattle International Film Festival catalog, trying to map my schedule through all the films I want to see, when I began to notice a curious trend. My movie “Tex: Vampire Hunter” was not selected for SIFF this year (got in to STIFF), but I have now discovered the secret to getting in. Here it is:

If you want to get into SIFF, include in your movie a scene with people in bed, and make it your signature screenshot.

That’s all, really. Need proof? Ok! Here we go.


The Big Dream

Come Undone

Music on Hold


For extra points throw in a little gay.

Leo’s Room

From Beginning to End

Room in Rome

For extra, extra points, show three people in bed.

A Rational Solution

Run If You Can

It even works with lonely men and their blow-up dolls

Southern District

Air Doll

So there you have it. Over a dozen movies with people in bed in the SIFF 2010 program. As you can see this is an absolutely foolproof way to get your film in. If only I had known, I would have included one in my movie. Oh, wait a minute…

Oh, come on!